Working on the Final Project

Hi everyone,

This last week the exhibit team decided to prioritize finding a space to host our manuscript exhibit. I was in charge of getting in touch with CUAG to ask about possible spaces we would be able to use with them. This sounded relatively straightforward. On their website, they have a list of people to contact and everything appeared to be fairly simple. However, after sending emails and waiting a couple of days it became evident that no one was going to answer. I checked their open hours to see if there was a time I could stop by, however, the hours that they are open I am busy with class/work. I asked our group if someone had a time available they could drop by and luckily Veronica was able to stop in and ask about getting access to space. Veronica provided me with another email that she was told to contact to ask about possible exhibit spaces. So, I sent out another email – again with no reply. Although my efforts were unrewarded, my teammates had much better luck.

Ian had luck asking about possible spaces in the library. Veronica was in touch with the history department and was able to get us approval to use one of their display cases as well. As a group we decided to use the history department display case. After work I walked over and took pictures of the space to share with our group. We all think that it will be a very good match for our exhibit.

The next steps we are going to take is choosing which manuscripts to include in our exhibit space and providing good reasoning why. I am very excited to see what we come up with.

See you all in class!