The Beginning of the End

Happy Saturday everyone! I thought I would title this blog post “The Beginning of the End” since we are already two weeks into the semester, meaning that there is only 10 weeks left…

As we enter second semester in full swing, I have had time to reflect on our first semester and look ahead to what our final semester will bring us. Being able to lead the first seminar alongside Nick was a great way to kick off the semester for myself. I was able to start the semester by thinking deeply and broadly about this topic. It was great for all of us as a group to dive into the idea of what is digital history and considering all the implications, positives and have a deep conversation was useful. There are many layers and underpinnings when it comes to understanding digital history that I think we would need more than a blog post to truly develop these thoughts. One way that I think we can summarize our thoughts would be to truly use our final project as a way to synthesize our thoughts and materialize all of our ideas and notions of what we believe digital history to be. I think an important thought to consider, and something that we have brought up, is what legacy do we want to leave behind? Hopefully our project lasts beyond this semester and that we are able to provide light on the manuscripts that Carleton has and raise some awareness about the importance and pertinence of manuscript studies within post-secondary education.

In Veronica’s most recent blog post, she brought up the excellent point about pushing our own limits and seeing where this project can take us. In the first semester, I think we really doubted ourselves and our abilities (I mean I know I did especially when it can to deciphering what my text was saying!). With this semester however, I feel like we really have “sunk our feet in” sort of say and have the fundamentals to be extremely successful. Each of us brings something unique to the table and if we play to our strengths, this project will turn out better than what we expect.

Now, this blog post has turned into a motivational speech therefore I want to turn back to consider the practicalities of the final project. I have taken on the role of Project Manager which means that I will have to “have my hands” in everything. I think this role will be important to create a brand, form consistency and ensure that we remain true to ourselves while creating this project. What will this project be you may ask (for anyone reading this outside of our course), well follow our Instagram, medieval_book for updates and more information! We have recently reached over 100 followers without even posting content yet. I am excited to see where we leave our digital footprint this semester.

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