Week 13: Back from the Break

Happy Saturday everyone! 

For this week’s class please come prepared with 3-5 points on how the holiday break should be longer, we will then compile a 15 page essay and submit it to the dean – JUST KIDDING. The breaks are just not quite long enough.

As for the readings, these ones are SUPER interesting. The Patrick Sahle one was interesting but if we are being honest, I found myself getting lost in his ideas, so I recommend starting with that one. I had a hard time narrowing down the questions to come prepared to have a grand discussion.  Best of luck!

Questions to Consider

Before doing the readings, did you have some preconceived notions about what digitizing history meant to the several mediums that exist? To explain this question…were you aware that digitizing manuscripts means that you no longer are using the physical print copy? Are there are tools in your daily life that have been replaced by digital versions (i.e for me, I no longer use a paper map but rather just google maps on my phone)

Jon Bath and others, bring up McKitterick’s point of “each new technology does not replace the previous one. Rather it augments it and offers alternatives” Do agree with this idea?

Do you believe that once an object becomes digitized that it loses its value? (Would seeing the Mona Lisa online evoke the same feelings as going to see it in person?) Furthermore, Once a text is digitized, does it still remain the same? If we were to keep the text the exact same but lose all the physical aspects would it be the same object?

After completing all the readings, what do you think digital history means? (Including Digital scholarly editing, digitizing history and etc)

Enjoy the rest of your break, and see you on Monday! 🙂