Week 9: Codicology

Hello everyone and welcome to week nine with me, your host. Paige Bryenton. Codicology is the study of the physical manuscript and is apart of that process. When going over the material for this week, I did not realize how many different aspects go into the physical manuscript depending on its use. When looking over the readings for this week, Introduction to Manuscript Studies and Quick Guide to Liturgical Manuscripts, I found chapter 12 on manuscript genres in Clemens the most relevant to our course since most of us are dealing with liturgical texts and calendars. It is a good resource for more in-depth information on the the physical manuscript and what type of topics were written down. The Quick Guide to Liturgical Manuscripts is a useful tool in understanding more finer differences between different types of texts and is a great companion to Clemens.

The document


Some questions I would like to bring up is:

  1. When comparing the distinct letter forms discussed in the readings, which one was closest to letter forms we use today?
  2. a) What manuscript genre does yours fall under? b)What was its use? c) Is it a common document?
  3. Were the authentication methods used for charters effective?