Emily From HIST 4006

Hello fellow manuscript enthusiasts!

I am Emily and I will be helping to unlock the mysteries of one of our manuscripts over the next several months. I am in my fourth year of an undergraduate combined major of history and classics with a minor in philosophy.  My research interests cover a large array of topics. If I were to try to narrow it down to a handful of key points of interest, I would have to say the conscription debates in Canada during World War One, ancient Greek pottery, and stoicism are three areas of research I thoroughly enjoy. As you can tell, these subjects are all vastly different from one another.  In an ideal world, I wish to pursue a masters degree in public history or library and archival studies.

You may be wondering why I am taking a course on medieval manuscripts when it differs quite substantially from each of my research interests. I enjoy learning new things while challenging myself, and saw this course as the perfect opportunity to do so. I look forward to developing an understanding of part of the medieval world through my manuscript as well as opening it up to a larger public that otherwise would not have access to it. I have extremely limited knowledge on anything to do with computers and the internet. This concerns me, but I hope to develop my tech skills as we progress through this class. I have made my first social media account for this class and you can follow my twitter @emilyguigue if you wish to see me struggle to make sense of ‘tweeting’.

As for course material, I look forward to deciphering and decoding my manuscript while broadening my understanding of useful online tools and programs that can greatly aid historians.

All the best,