In which librarians offer a healthy serving of IIIF

After some some trial and error (mostly error), we did what we should have done much early and went to talk to a librarian. Being relatively new to the DH field (and as a medievalist), I don’t really pay much attention to much beyond books at Carleton University’s MacOdrum library. After a meeting with the University Systems gurus –Ed Bilobeau, Jennifer Whitney and Kevin Bowrin– they assured me that they could set up a IIIF server on shared digital infrastructure provided as part of the OCUL (Ontario Council of University Libraries). Long story short – they were amazingly helpful and we now have our manuscript images served up. We still need to create IIIF manifests to make them accessible to the Mirador viewer on our Omeka site so that they will be ready for use come September.

With this milestone passed, now back to the task of sorting out readings, scheduling speakers and creating the detailed instructions for the weekly assignments and major term projects.

Take a look here at what IIIF can do with images!